Our Mission

CO-OP Survival strives to bring military caregivers together to eliminate isolation, support family transitions, encourage career goals, and build a community of support.

What is a military Caregiver?

When a service-member becomes wounded, ill, or injured, someone steps in to care for them—hopefully. That caregiver, with the Veteran and whoever else might be in the home, become a military caregiving family.  Every caregiving family looks different because the caregiver could be a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a partner, a child, or anyone who supports and cares for a service-member during the hours that they are not being cared for by medical professionals.  During the transition to a caregiving family, everyone adjusts from what-was to what-is.  Lives begin to revolve around wounds, illnesses, and injuries.  Too often, friendships are lost, goals change, careers are lost, and dreams can be forgotten—for everyone in the family.