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Military Caregivers = Service Humans

When I talk to others about military caregivers, or caregivers in general, they often confuse military caregivers with clinical caregivers. Military caregivers, just like family caregivers, are not clinical caregivers.  We are not!  We are more closely related to service dogs than nurses, doctors, or social workers, but it’s almost impossible to change the visual […]

The VA, FINALLY, includes all military caregivers in PCAFC

Messy but they try One of the best and worst programs for military caregivers is the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC).  PCAFC is a program that supports individuals who care for a wounded, ill, or injured servicemember, after that servicemember is discharged from the military.  There is an application process to participate […]